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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage

Many people are unaware of the benefits of hot stone massage, so we wrote this article and we will explain the benefits and types of stones used and everything you need to know about this type of massage.

What do you know about hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is one of the well-known types of therapeutic massage. It is used to remove cold from the body and get rid of fatigue, exhaustion, and insomnia. It also helps relieve tension, muscle tension, joint pain, and stimulate blood circulation. The masseur places these stones in specific areas of the body and massages and rubs the body with them.

Common Swedish massage methods are followed, but in this type of massage the massage is done using a hot stone and not using the hands.

What are the types of stones used in this type of massage?

The hot stones used in this type of massage are originally from a rock called basalt, which is a soft volcanic rock, which is mostly colored black or gray.

Marble stones are also used instead of basalt stones in some types of massage, and at the request of the patient, especially if he feels some pain or sensitivity, then the type of stone suitable for him is used.

These stones are placed in hot oil, the temperature of which does not exceed 55 degrees Celsius, so as not to harm and burn the outer layer of the skin, and the masseur places these stones on specific areas of the body, such as the spine or shoulders and so on, and then massages the body with it.

The stone is placed in oil for two reasons

The stone is heated using this hot oil, where the stone is dipped in the oil and kept in it until it reaches the right temperature for the massage.

The oil works to reduce the friction between the stone and the skin, and thus the patient feels more comfortable when rubbing his body with these stones. Although the stones used in the massage are soft, these stones must be covered with oil, in order to prevent any sensitivity in the patient’s skin. As a result of direct contact between the stone and the skin

Why hot stones specifically in massage sessions?

The hardness of the stone and the heat emanating from it are the main factors in the success of the massage process, as this heat helps to stretch and relax the muscles and muscle tissues and stimulate blood flow in the blood vessels, thus being able to relieve pain and inflammation in the body.

As for the hardness of the stone, it lies in the fact that it contributes to pressure on the tissues and reaching the deep tissues in order to treat them. Therefore, the focus is on the deep tissues and an attempt to treat their pain or spasms using this type of massage, in which the hardness of basalt stone or marble is relied upon.

Therefore, it is taken into account that the stone used has smooth, circular edges, and that it is soft to the touch, because if it is rough, massaging with these stones while pressing them on the skin may cause pain and wounds to the sick person.

Benefits of hot stone massage
Stimulate blood circulation

The heat emanating from these stones increases the relaxation and expansion of the blood vessels, thus reducing the resistance to blood flow through these vessels, thus stimulating blood access to the cells.

Treating pain, inflammation and muscle spasms

Massage with hot stones works to relax the muscles and muscle tissues adjacent to them, and with the increase in the effort exerted on these tissues in daily activities, you may develop inflammation and fatigue, which is eventually accompanied by pain in the muscle used, so the heat coming from the stone works to relax the muscle and remove what is in it. contractions, thus eliminating muscle pain caused by muscle stress

Deep tissue treatment

This benefit is considered one of the most desired benefits of hot stone massage, where massage and rubbing are done with these hot, hard stones, so the heat works to soften and relax the muscles, and the hardness helps to increase the extent of the massage to reach the tissues far from the surface of the skin, which often suffer from pain, and the person cannot Disposal of them, due to the distance of these tissues from the gel

Reach a state of rest and relaxation

With the state of relaxation gained by the muscles as a result of the massage with hot stones, the body generally enters into a state of relaxation, caused by the fact that massaging the body with stones, especially the deep tissues, also helps in relaxing the nerves of the body, and thus the person feels a wonderful state of relaxation and comfort.

The importance of hot stone massage in Dubai

Hot stones are one of the most important features that Dubai offers to visitors, as they provide a unique experience to relax and relieve stress and stress. Hot stones stimulate blood circulation, relieve pain and fatigue, and help improve sleep quality and improve mood. Dubai is an ideal destination for enjoying hot stones, as there are many resorts and hotels that offer this service with the highest level of quality and luxury.

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